How do I use Breakout Rooms?

Breakout Rooms allow the host to split meeting participants into smaller groups that have the ability to collaborate just as they would in the main meeting room. The host can choose to divide participants into separate sessions automatically or manually, and can switch the participants between Breakout Rooms at any time.

Create Breakout Rooms

Select the Breakout Rooms control.

From the meeting control bar, select Breakout Rooms.

Adjust the number of rooms.

Use the up and down arrow to adjust the number of Breakout Rooms to be created.

Choose Automatically or Manually.

Choose the option of how you want to assign participants to the rooms

  • Automatically: Randomly have Zoom divide participants up evenly into each of the rooms
  • Manually: Assign participants specifically into each room

Select Create Breakout Rooms.

Select Create Breakout Rooms to display the participant lists for each room and create the Breakout Rooms.

Select Open All Rooms

Select Open All Rooms within the Breakout Room window to send participants to their respective rooms.

Assigning Participants to rooms

Select Assign

Select Assign next to the room name to assign participants to their respective Breakout Room.

Select Participants to assign.

From the pop-up window, select which participants should be assigned to each Breakout Room by selecting the checkbox next to their name.

Moving participants to another room

Select Move To

Select Move To next to the participant to move to another Breakout Room.

Choose the Breakout Room

From the pop-up window, select the destination breakout room for the selected participant.

Select Exchange

Select Exchange to swap to participants.

Select the Participant

From the pop-up window, choose the participant that you want to swap between rooms.

Adjusting Breakout Room settings

Select Options.

From within the breakout window, select Options.

Choose breakout room options.

From the options pop-up box, choose to:

  • Move all Participants to breakout rooms automatically: If checked, all participants will move into their breakout rooms automatically; otherwise, participants have to select Join to be taken to their breakout room.
  • Allow participants to return to the main session at any time: If checked, participants can move back to the main session from their breakout room; otherwise, participants have to wait for the host to end the breakout rooms.
  • Breakout rooms close automatically after: If checked, the breakout rooms will automatically end after the configured time.
  • Notify me when the time is up: If checked, the host will be notified when the Breakout Rooms time is up.
  • Countdown after closing breakout rooms: if this option is checked, the participants will be given a countdown of how much time they have left before returning to the main room.

Managing breakout rooms in progress

Select Open All Rooms.

Select Open All Rooms within the Breakout room window to send participants to their breakout sessions.

Upon opening breakout rooms, the participants will be asked to join their breakout sessions. The host will stay in the main room until joining a session manually.

Select Join

From within the breakout room window, select Join next to a breakout room to join that participant session.

Select Leave

From within the Breakout Room window, select Leave to leave that participant;s breakout room session.

Responding to request for help

Participants in a breakout room can request that the host join their meeting by selecting Ask for Help.

Select Join Breakout Room

Select Join Breakout Room from the pop-up notification in orer to join the breakout room in which the request was made.

Broadcasting a message to all breakout rooms

Select Broadcast a message to all

From within the Breakout Rooms window, select Broadcast a message to all.

Enter message

Within the pop-up display, type in the message that you want to broadcast to all participants.

Select Broadcast

From the pop-up display, select Broadcast to send the message to all participants in all the breakout rooms.

Close All Rooms

Select Close All Rooms to end the breakout rooms and send all participants back to the main room.