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How do I log into the Zoom desktop application?

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If you are using a Loyola classroom or lab machine, the Zoom application is already downloaded. Otherwise you will need to download the application.

For assistance with downloading the application see How do I download Zoom?

Select Sign In.

Sign In

After opening the Zoom desktop application, select Sign In.

Select SSO.

Select SSO

Select Sign In with SSO to log into Zoom using your Loyola username (UVID) and password.

Enter luc.

Enter luc

In the empty text field, enter luc and then select Continue.

Web Browser Window Will Launch.

WEb brwoser window will launch

A web browser window will launch displaying the Loyola University SSO login page. Enter your Loyola Username (UVID) and password and then select LOGIN.

Return to Application.

Once logged in, you will be returned to the desktop application.

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