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Whiteboard tools

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Once you have created a new Whiteboard you will see many tools that you can use.

Zoom Whiteboard

1. Cursor tool - select objects on the whiteboard

2. Drawing tool - draw on the whiteboard

3. Shapes tool - add shapes to the whiteboard

4. Line tool - add lines on the whiteboard

5. Text tool - add a text box to the tool

6. Sticky note tool - add a sticky note to the whiteboard

7. Image tool - add an image to the whiteboard

8. Eraser tool - erase objects on the whiteboard

9. Undo tool - undo last action

10. Redo tool - redo last action

11. Add page - adds a new whiteboard page.

12. Move toolbar - allows you to move the toolbar.


To learn more about the settings in whiteboard, use the link here.

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