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How do I schedule a Zoom meeting within Sakai?

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There is a Sakai-Zoom integration that allows you to create a Zoom meeting link in your Sakai site. All members of the Sakai site will be able to access the link for an online synchronous session.

Add the Zoom Tool to your Sakai Course.

To generate a meeting link, add the Zoom tool to your Sakai course. For instructions, please see How do I add the Zoom tool to my course?.

If you have not already installed the Zoom Desktop Client on your computer, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you select the Zoom tool. To download the Zoom Desktop Client ahead of time, visit the Zoom Download Center at https://luc.zoom.us/download.

Select Zoom.

Select Zoom Pro from the site tool menu.

Launch Zoom.

To launch the Zoom tool, select the button Launch Zoom. This will open the Zoom integration in a new browser window.

Select Schedule a New Meeting.

Select the Schedule a New Meeting button.  

Enter Meeting Information.

Enter the meeting room information.

  1. Topic: The title of the meeting
  2. Description: Information regarding the purpose of the meeting
  3. When: The date on which the meeting will occur
  4. Duration: The time in which the meeting will occur
  5. Time zone: Enter the time zone in which you currently reside
  6. Recurring: Select the box to indicate that this meeting will occur multiple times
  7. Video:  Set the default settings for host and participant web cameras when entering the meeting
  8. Audio: Set the default settings for host and participant microphones when entering the meeting
  9. Meeting option: Additional meeting settings
  10. Advanced options: Add an alternative Host (i.e. a teaching assistant or another faculty member)
  11. Save: To save settings and schedule the meeting

Select Course Mettings.

Select Course Meetings from the top menu breadcrumb to return to the main Zoom page.

Scheduled Meeting Displayed.

Within the Zoom home page, all scheduled meetings are displayed.

Start a Zoom Meeting.

Select the Start button to the right of the meeting room to start that meeting.

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