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How do I remove password protection from my Zoom cloud recordings?

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By default, all Zoom cloud recordings have a password. This setting is designed to protect the recording.

Log into your Loyola Zoom account.

In a web browser, navigate to luc.zoom.us to access the Loyola Zoom login site.

Select Sign In.

Select Sign In and log in using your Loyola Username (UVID) and password.

Edit your Settings for recordings.

Select Settings.

Select Settings from the menu on the left.

Select Recording.

Select Recording from the top menu bar to see the settings for all cloud recordings.

Turn off Require Password.

Scroll down to the middle of the page to find the "Require password to access shared cloud recordings" option, and select the blue slider to toggle it off.

Sliders in gray indicate that the setting is off and sliders in blue indicate that the setting is on.

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