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How do I allow someone to schedule on my behalf?

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Scheduling privileges allows a user to schedule meetings on your behalf. Upon scheduling the meeting, you will become the host of the meeting and not the individual who is scheduling. To add someone as an alternative host, and keep the host as the person who is scheduling the meeting, please see How do I add an alternative host to my meeting room.

Login to Zoom.

Navigate to the luc.zoom.us select Sign-in.

Enter Username and Password.

Enter your Loyola Username and Password and then select Login,

Select Settings.

From the menu bar, select Settings.

Scroll to Other.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the settings page to reach Other settings.

Locate Assign scheduling privileges to.

Within the Other setting section, locate the Assign scheduling privileges to option.

Select the +

Select the + next to Assign scheduling privileges to

Enter users Loyola email address.

Enter the Loyola email address for the individual(s) of who you want to schedule on your behalf.

Select Assign.

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