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What are the Zoom Meeting Controls?

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Upon logging in as a Host or a Participant, you will see the same basic features within a Zoom meeting.

Audio Control

Select Mute.

Select Mute to mute your microphone.

Select Unmute.

Select Unmute to unmute your microphone.

Web Camera

Select Stop Video to Turn Off Camera.

Select Stop Video to turn off your web camera.

Select Start Video to Turn on Camera.

Select Start Video to turn on your web camera.

Security (Host only)

Select Security to

  • Lock the meeting room
  • Enable waiting room
  • Allow participants to share their screen
  • Allow participants to chat
  • Allow participants to rename themselves


Select Participants to open the participants window that will display all current participants.

Select More.

If you are meeting host, select More next to a participant's name to:

  • Chat
  • Ask to Start Video (web camera)
  • Rename
  • Put in Waiting Room (if enabled)
  • Remove
  • Report


Select Chat to open the chat window.

The chat may have been limited or disabled by the meeting host.

Share Screen

Select Share Screen to open the sharescreen window and select to share

  • A desktop
  • A specific application
  • A whiteboard


Select Reaction to display an applause or thumbs-up emoji.

End (for host)

Select End to either end the meeting for all participants or leave the meeting.

Leave (Participants)

Select Leave to leave the meeting room.


Select Information from the upper left-hand corner to display the meeting's

  • Meeting ID
  • Host
  • Invitation URL
  • Participant ID
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