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How do I upload a Zoom recording to Panopto?

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It is important to review the Guidelines for Recording Students during Online Classes before uploading and sharing any recordings.

Log into Panopto.

Log into Panopto

Log in to Panopto using your UVID and password.

Open the Course Folder

Open the course folder

Open the course folder that you want to save the recording to.

Select Create.

Select Create

Select the Create button at the top of the page.

Choose Upload Media.

Choose Upload Media

From the drop-down menu, choose upload media.

Upload file.

Upload file

Drag and drop your Zoom recording file (zoom_0.mp4) into the box. If you are unable to drag and drop the file, select to browse your computer for the file.

Note: To change the location of the saved recording, please see Local Recordings and scroll down to Change Location for Local Recordings.

Processing Media.

Processing Media

Once the green check appears to the left of the title of the file, you can close this window. The file will process and be available on Panopto.

To change the name or your recordings, see How do I change the name of a Panopto session.

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