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How do I set-up Office Hours for all my Sakai courses using the same meeting room?

Updated Feb 23, 2021

For online office hours, you may want all students, regardless of their course, to enter the same meeting room. A single meeting room can be added to all course sites that provide students with a direct link into the same Zoom meeting.

To schedule a recurring Zoom meeting to use for Office Hours for all of your courses, visit How do I invite a guest lecturer to my Zoom meeting?

Add the Web Content tool.

Once a Zoom meeting link is generated, you can share it with any Sakai course through the Web Content tool.

Select Site Info

From the tool menu of a Sakai course site, select the Site Info tool.

Select Manage Tools

From the top menu bar, select Manage Tools.

Choose Web Content

Scroll through the list of available tools and select the box the box for Web Content.

Select Continue

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Continue.

Enter a Title

Enter a new title for the tool to help the students identify this link (e.g., Office Hours).

Paste the Meeting URL

Paste the meeting's URL within the Source box.

Select Continue and Finish

Join Session

Select Web Content tool

When its time for the office hours to start, the students will select the Web Content tool.  

Remember, you may have updated the Web Content tool title to something different (e.g., Office Hours)

Launch the Zoom Application

A pop-up window will appear requiring permission to launch the Zoom application. Select Open Link to  launch the application and be redirected into the Zoom meeting room.

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