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How do I select a view for the VoiceThread tool?

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The directions below reference the new VoiceThread interface ( legacy interface will be available until Summer 2024). To switch to the new VoiceThread now, follow these steps.

Any addition of the VoiceThread tool in a Sakai site will prompt selection of a view, as in the view that the user will see when selecting that VoiceThread link.

Select one of the following views for that specific VoiceThread link:

  • Course View directs the user to all of the VoiceThreads shared with the course.
  • Individual VT directs the user to a single VoiceThread.
  • VT Home Page directs the user to their VoiceThread Home Page.
  • Assignment Builder directs the user to a specific VoiceThread assignment. For instructors, the VoiceThread Assignment will require setup. For students, selecting a link to a VoiceThread Assignment will allow for assignment completion.  
Activity type

Selecting a view button will direct to a respective workflow to set up the view.

Select and set up Course View.
Activity type

Select the button Course View.

A "Success!" message will appear to confirm the view selection.  Select Return to Course.

Reset VoiceThread tool.

External tool has finished

To return to the VoiceThread tool and preview the selected view, select the top link VOICETHREAD.

Review Course View.

Vt course view

The course site code will appear at the top of the VoiceThread page to indicate that Course View is selected.  

Select and set up Individual VoiceThread.
Activity type

To set the view to direct to an individual VoiceThread, select the button Individual VoiceThread.

Select an individual VoiceThread for the view.  

Select individual voicethread

When setting up Individual VoiceThread view, there are two options from which to choose (numbering corresponds to the subsequent image):

1. Create new VoiceThread. Select the Create new VoiceThread button to set the view to a new VoiceThread (you will be prompted with the create workflow upon selection).

2. Select an existing VoiceThread. Choose a VoiceThread from your list of available VoiceThreads.

Select an Existing VoiceThread and choose Continue


Select an existing VoiceThread from the list and select the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

Share individual VoiceThread

Share individual VoiceThread

In this screen there are many options available to you (each corresponding to number above):

1. Choose this option to Edit Thread Details or Copy the VoiceThread.

2. Share - Use this button to configure share settings.

3. Add Media - Select this button to add more content to the VoiceThread.

4. Use these controls to edit, update, change the order, or remove individual slides in the VoiceThread.

Select Continue


When finished, select Continue.

Preview your VoiceThread

Preview VoiceThread

In the next screen, you can preview your VoiceThread as well as make comments and other edits using the menu at the top right corner of the screen.

VoiceThread Preview Edit

Select Continue


When finished, select Continue.

Select Comment Types

Select content types

On the next screen, you can configure Comment, Playback, and Permissions for your students. When finished with your setup, select Publish at the bottom of the page.

Select and set up VT Home Page view.
activity type

To set the view to VT Home Page, select the button VT Home Page.

Reset VoiceThread tool.

External Tool has finished

To return to the VoiceThread tool and preview the selected view, select the top link VOICETHREAD.

Review VT Home Page View

VoiceThread Homepage

The VoiceThread Home Page of the user will appear.

Select Assignment Builder.  
Choose activity type

The fourth available option for VoiceThread Setup is Assignment Builder. Select Assignment Builder to set up a VoiceThread Assignment.  See How do I create a VoiceThread Assignment? to complete setup.

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