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How do I add VoiceThread to a Sakai site?

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The directions below reference the new VoiceThread interface ( legacy interface will be available until Summer 2024). To switch to the new VoiceThread now, follow these steps

There are two ways to add VoiceThread to your Sakai course site:

  • Add VoiceThread in a Lessons Page
  • Add VoiceThread in the Tool Menu

When deciding which method to use, be sure to consider how you want to use VoiceThread in your course. 

Add to a Lessons Page
Lessons page button

Select a Lessons page from the Tool Menu (To create a new Lessons page, see How do I create a new Lessons page?)

Choose Add Content

Lessons menu

Select Add Content from the Menu at the top of the Lessons page.

Select Add Learning App

Add content menu

From the Add Content menu, select Add Learning App.

Select VoiceThread from menu

Add learning app

From the menu, select VoiceThread.

Configure External Tool

Configure external tool

1. Add a description for your activity.

2. Add a Tool Title, Button Text, and (if preferred) select Launch in Popup.

3. Choose Save.

Please note that you can edit these items on the Lessons page (see below):

Edit VoiceThread
VoiceThread lessons link

Select the link (e.g. "VoiceThread Assignment") and choose a view (See How do I select a view for the VoiceThread tool?)

Add VoiceThread to the Tool Menu

Select Site Info.

select Site Info

Select Site Info from the site's tool menu.

Select Manage Tools.

select Manage Tools

Select Manage Tools from the Actions Menu.

Select VoiceThread.

check the box for VoiceThread

Scroll down the list of tools and check the checkbox for VoiceThread.

Select Continue.

select Continue

Select Continue to apply changes.

Select Finish.

select finish

New tool added will be listed in red on a confirmation page. Confirm the addition of the VoiceThread tool by selecting Finish.

Select VoiceThread from Tool Menu

VoiceThread Button

Navigate to the VoiceThread tool in your Sakai tool menu.

Choose an Activity Type

Choose an activity type

Select an activity type. For more information, see How do I select a view for the VoiceThread tool?

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