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How do I record a session using Panopto Capture?

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Panopto Capture is a web-based recorder that allows you to record video, audio, screens, or applications without downloading the Panopto Recorder.  This is an excellent tool for recording and sharing short recordings with your class. To access Panopto Capture, follow the same steps outlined in the directions for navigating to Panopto through Sakai.

Note: PowerPoint slides will not integrate with a Panopto Capture recording in the same way as a recording created with the Panopto Recorder. In order to share slides, you can present your slides by sharing your computer screen.

Login to Panopto and Select Panopto Capture


In the drop down menu under Create, choose Panopto Capture.

Select the Audio, Video, Screen, and Application Sources.

Select the Video Icon to choose the camera source.

After launching Panopto Capture, choose the sources for your video content by selecting the icons at the top of the screen.

Select the Audio Icon and choose the audio source.

Choose the Microphone Icon and then select the source for audio in your recording (e.g. Internal Microphone or Headset).

Select the Screens and Apps Icon to choose Screen and Application Sources.

In the Share your screen window, you can choose to share your screen, an application window, or a tab from your web browser.

Select the Red Button at the bottom to Start Recording.

After selecting the red button, you will see a countdown, and then the recording will start. To stop recording, select the same red button.

Upload/Process Your Recording.

After selecting the stop button, your recording will begin to process and upload in your browser window:

1. Upload Status - The text at the top left displays the uploading progress. Do not close the browser tab before this is complete.

2. Redo - Select this option to redo your recording.

3. Record New - Select this option to create a new recording.

4. Title/Folder/Description - Use these sections to give your recording a specific title, choose which Panopto folder to send the recording to, and enter a description of the recording.

5. Share this video - To share the recording with another user or group of users, enter their Loyola UVID in the text box.

6. Manage Access - Select this button to configure who has access to your video.

7. Send - To finish sharing your recording with another user (5), select send.

Once the upload is complete, you may close the browser tab and your recording will be in your specified Panopto folder (4).


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