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How can I retract, regrade, and republish a test?

Updated Sep 13, 2021

Before Editing

Common reasons for editing a published test include:

  • Correcting typographical, spelling, or grammatical errors in question or answer text
  • Correcting point value errors for questions
  • Changing correct answer specifications

Published assessments can be modified even if students have already taken the test or are in the process of taking the test.

If planning to edit a published assessment that is still available to students, you should notify your students, as the test will be temporarily unavailable.

In cases when you are changing the point values or correcting an answer specification, it is highly recommended that you wait to edit the test until all students have submitted their test attempts.

If making textual changes that do not alter the meaning of questions or answers, e.g., correcting typographical errors, you only need to Republish the test after making the changes.

Note: You cannot Republish, or Regrade and Republish, tests that draw questions from pools since there is no direct access to the pool questions via the published test.

Note: Make sure that you download your test results before you begin the Regrade and Republish process. This ensures you have a back-up of the test results in case of any errors during the regrading process.

Edit and Republish a Test

Go to the Tests & Quizzes tool.


Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Select the Actions drop-down menu.

Select the Actions drop-down menu next to title of the published assessment, and choose Edit.

Select Edit.

A warning window will appear. Select Edit. This will retract the test so it is unavailable to students.

Select Edit.

Locate the question to edit and select Edit to the far right of that specific question.

Select Save.

After changes are made, select Save. Repeat this process for all questions you wish to edit.

Select Republish.

Select Republish in the bottom right corner.

Select Republish.

The assessment will become available to students and the date and time of modification will be noted in the Modification column.

Or, Regrade and Republish

Select Regrade and Republish in the bottom right corner.

Tip: Select Regrade and Republish if making changes to a question's point value, the correct answer options, or other changes that would cause student scores to change.

Select Regrade and Republish.

If students have already submitted, place a check in the box to Allow students to update their latest submission. Then, select Regrade and Republish.

All submitted tests will be regraded and points will be altered to reflect the changes that were made.

The assignment will become available to the students and the date and time of modification will be noted in the Modification column.