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How do I test my technology for my online exam with Examity?

Updated Jan 11, 2021

In addition to the directions below, please also test your technology as you set-up your profile with Examity. For more information about creating your Examity profile, see How do I create my Examity student profile?

Once your instructor has informed the class that you'll use Examity as an online proctoring tool, you should test your technology at each of the following stages:

  • At the start of the semester
  • Two weeks before the exam
  • A day before your scheduled exam

Test Your Camera and Microphone on a Laptop or Desktop

Locate a desktop or laptop computer that has a webcam and microphone (both built-in and external are fine).

Visit Webcam Test to test the webcam and Online Mic Test to test the microphone you plan to use during the test.

Please note that tablets and mobile devices are not allowed for Examity tests.

Test Your Internet Speed

Make sure that the computer you will use has sufficient internet speed: at least 2 Mbps upload and download speed is required. Please also make sure you have access to this reliable connection for the duration of your exam.

Visit Speed Test to test your internet speed.

Test Other Exam-specific Technology

On the day of your exam, make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect with proctor support.

Review your instructor's exam instructions to see if you need any other materials for this exam (e.g., a printer, notes, or textbook).

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