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How do I set special accommodations for students in Examity?

Updated Jan 29, 2021

Instructors must obtain permission from the Provost's office and their department before the instructor can add the Examity tool to their Sakai course site. Please visit the Office of Online Learning's Online Course Proctoring page for more information. 

To set up Examity in your course, you should create the test in Sakai, then complete the exam set-up in Examity. Visit the How do I create my Examity assessment in Sakai? documentation for more information.

If students require test accommodations, you can make sure proctor support is aware ahead of time by entering the information in Examity® in addition to your set-up in the Sakai assessment.

Select Examity.

Select Examity from your site's tool menu

In the target Sakai site, select Examity from the Tool Menu.

Select Press to re-launch page.

If prompted, select press to re-launch page

If prompted, select Press to re-launch page to open Examity in a new browser tab.

Select Students.

Select the Students tab from your Examity Dashboard.

Select Search.

Select the pencil icon.

Then, select the pencil icon in the row of the student who needs an accommodation.

Edit Student details.

Choose Yes from the Special Accommodations drop down menu, and type any details in the Comments box.

Select Update.

Select Update to save the student's special accommodation information.

If you set special accommodations for students in Examity, please also make sure to review any corresponding special accommodation settings in Sakai.

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