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How do I create a True False question?

Updated Apr 16, 2021

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select Tests & Quizzes from the site tool menu.

Select an assessment.

Questions may be added to any assessment. Select an existing assessment or create a new one.

Option 1: Create a new assessment.

Select Add.

For more information on how to create a new assessment, see How do I create an assessment?  

Option 2: Edit an existing assessment.

Select True False from drop-down menu.

After selecting True False from the drop-down menu, additional options for the question will appear.

Set the point value for the question.

Enter the point value for the question.   

Tip: Keep in mind that the point value of all the questions in the assessment will equal the point value of the assessment in the Gradebook. If the assessment will be worth a total of 100 points, assign point values to its questions accordingly.

Choose whether to display question point value.

This option displays the point value to the test taker as they are taking the test.  The default setting is Yes. To hide the question point value from the test taker, select No.

Minimum Point Value. (Optional)

This option specifies a certain number of points awarded automatically to an attempt of the question, regardless as to whether the correct answer is selected.

Points deducted for incorrect answer. (Optional)

Note: With true false questions, there is an option to deduct points for incorrect answers.

Extra Credit. (Optional)

Selecting this option marks a question as extra credit. This means that the points awarded for this question are not counted as part of the total points for the assessment, and no points are deducted for skipping this question or answering incorrectly. However, a correct response will receive the question point value in addition to the total points earned in the assessment.

Add question text.

Type the question text into the text box provided.

Note: If you prefer to enter the question text using Rich Text Editor, you may click the hyperlink Show/Hide Rich-Text Editor link and the editor will open.

Add attachment. (Optional)

Select Add Attachments to browse for and select a file attachment.

Select the correct answer.

Indicate either True or False as the correct response for this question.

Require rationale.

Requiring rationale determines whether or not the test taker is required to provide reason why the statement is true or false when they select a response.

Assign to part. (Optional)

If there are multiple parts in the assessment, the question can be assigned to a different part.

Assign to pool. (Optional)

To copy this question to an existing question pool, select the pool name from the drop-down menu.

Add feedback for correct answer and/or incorrect answer. (Optional)

Feedback is optional text available for the test taker to review after the particular question is graded. For True False questions, the feedback option is offered for correct and/or incorrect answers.

Tip: To edit with Rich Text Editor, click the hyperlink to open the full menu.

Select Save.

Select Save to save the question (or Cancel to exit).

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