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How do I grade an assignment using a rubric?

Updated Dec 18, 2020

Go to Assignments.

Select Grade for the assignment to grade.

Select the student's name for the submission to be graded.

Tip: Alternatively, select the rubric icon in the same row as the student's name to open the grading rubric for that student. However, opening the rubric from here will bypass the view of the student submission, so it is best used to review or verify a previously scored rubric.

Select the Grading Rubric icon.

The rubric will open in a pop-up window.

Select the appropriate rating level for each criterion.

The points will be added up automatically based on your rating selections. The total points earned will appear in the Grade field next to the rubric icon.

Optional: If individual score adjustment was applied, the rating points can be modified.

Optional: Select the Comment icon [Leave a comment for the student about this criterion] if you would like to include additional feedback.

Enter your comments into the text field provided, and select Done when finished.

Note: The Comments icon changes color when comments are saved.

Save when finished grading the submission.

Note: An assignment that has been scored on a rubric changes the rubric icon to green in color once the score is saved.

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