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How do I edit the Overview site information display?

Updated Dec 17, 2020

The Overview site information display is the area on a site landing page that contains information about that site. It can contain information for students such as a welcome message, the course outline, or an image.

Users with site editing permissions (i.e. site owners) have the ability to customize the content that appears in the site information display area.

To access this tool, select the title of the site, or select Overview from the Tool Menu.

View the site information display.

The site information display is often labeled with the course code (e.g., COM 290 001 F21 or in these screenshots, SAKAI 20 HLO) in most sites.

Select Edit.

Options for editing the site information display.

  1. Replace "Welcome" with your own text using the Title field if desired.
  2. Add formatted text or an image using the Description Rich Text Editor.
  3. Link to a department website or html document by copying its URL in the Site Info URL field (optional). If used, this URL will replace content created in the Description text editor.

Select Update Options when finished editing.

View new site information display.

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