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How do I add items to the Gradebook?

Updated Dec 09, 2020

Go to Gradebook.

Select Gradebook from your site's tool menu

In the target Sakai site, select the Gradebook tool from the Tool Menu.

Select the Add Gradebook Item button.

Select the Add Gradebook Item button to manually add items to your Gradebook.

Instructors typically add items to the Gradebook manually for things such as:

  • Posting grades for items completed outside of Sakai
  • Discussion Forum grades
  • Participation

Note: Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, and Student Content in Lessons can be sent to the Gradebook from within the respective tools when the item is posted or published. There is no need to add those items manually in the Gradebook.

Item settings

Item settings
  1. Give your item a Title in the text box provided. A Title is required.
  2. Enter the Point Value for the item (also required).
    • Optionally, if you would like this to be an extra credit item, you may select the check box for Extra Credit just below the point value. For more information on extra credit, see How does extra credit work?
  3. If you will be using a rubric to grade for this item, select the radio button for Grading Rubric and select a rubric from the drop-down menu. If you will be using a rubric, you must have already created it in the site's Rubrics tool.
  4. Enter a Due Date for the item if you choose. Due dates are optional. You may also use the calendar icon to pull up the date-picker and select a date from there.
  5. If you have categories in your Gradebook, select the appropriate category for this item from the Category drop-down menu.
  6. Check the box for Release item to students if you would like students to be able to view their grades for this item. Leaving the box unchecked hides the item from students.
  7. Check the box for Include item in course grade calculations if you would like the item to be added into the course grade. Leaving the box unchecked omits it from the course grade calculation.
  8. Once you have entered all of the information for this item, select the Create button to save your changes.
  9. Selecting the + button next to Create will create the current item and take you directly to the Add Gradebook Item dialog for another new item.

View Gradebook items.

View Gradebook items

After you have added items to your Gradebook, you will be able to view a list of all Gradebook items on the Grades tab (which is also the tool landing page).

If you are using categories in your Gradebook and the Group by Category option is enabled, each category will be color-coded and you will also see the category averages displayed at the far right of each category.

Items coming from other tools

Items coming from other tools

Notice that any items that are coming from Assignments or Tests & Quizzes will show a grayed out padlock icon in each cell and will also display the tool icon in the column label. Graders will not be able to enter or revise grades manually in these cells.

Items not included in grade calculation

Items not included in grade calculation

Any items not included in the grade calculation will display a crossed-out calculator icon.

Items not released to students

Items not released to students

Any items that are not released (visible) to students will display a crossed-out eye icon.

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