How Do I Download and Import a Practice Exam for Respondus LockDown Browser?

Prior to administering an exam using Respondus LockDown Browser in your course, we strongly recommend you administer a practice exam to ensure an optimal experience for students.

Download Practice Exam.

Use the link below to download a LockDown Browser Practice Exam to import and administer in your course:

Download link for LockDown Practice Exam

Import the LockDown Practice Exam in Tests & Quizzes.

Follow the steps in How do I import and export assessments? to import the LockDown Practice Exam in your course.

When importing the file, be sure to select the radio button option Export from this (or other Sakai) system and not Respondus.

Respondus is a vendor with many products, and their core product Respondus is different from Respondus LockDown Browser.

Enable LockDown Browser

Follow the steps in How Do I Enable Respondus LockDown Browser for an Assessment? to enable LockDown Browser for the practice test.