How do I edit a grade item?

Select the Gradebook Tool.

Select the Gradebook tool in your site tools menu.

Edit Item Details.

Select the dropdown arrow next to the grade item to be edited.


Select Edit Item Details.

Use Edit Gradebook Item Window to Adjust Item Details.

1) Title. Type to change the grade item Title.

2) Point Value. For a Points entry Gradebook, adjust the grade item Point Value.

3) Extra Credit. Select the checkbox to designate the grade item as an Extra Credit item that will be added as a bonus to the normal gradebook calculations.

4) Category. Use the dropdown menu to assign the grade item into an existing category.

5) Release item to students? Select the checkbox to display the grade item to students.

6) Include item in course grade calculations? Select the checkbox to include the grade item as part of the calculated course grade.

7) Save Changes. Select Save Changes to apply the new details to the grade item.