How do I share a Zoom cloud recording?

Within a meeting room, the Host has the option to record locally or to the cloud. If cloud recording is selected, the recordings will be saved to the Host's Zoom account.

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Open Email Notification.

After the meeting has ended, Zoom will process the recordings, which can take up to 48-72 hours depending on the length of the recording. Once the process is completed, an email notification will be sent to your Loyola Outlook account.

Sharing a Cloud Recording with Students
Sending an Email

Once you have received the email notification from Zoom, you can forward this email to your students.

Select Forward

Select the Forward option (straight arrow) within the email.

Create new Email

  1. To: Add students email address, separate each email address with a comma (,).
  2. Subject:  Update the subject line of this email.
  3. Body: Add any additional text for the email.
  4. Send: Select Sent to send the email to the listed students.


Posting Link to Cloud Recording in Sakai

Select the Resource Tool

From the tool menu, select the Resource tool.

Select Actions

Select the Action menu next to the desired folder or subfolder of which you want to add the recording link.

From the Actions menu drop-down menu, choose the option to Add Web Links (URLs).

Enter the Web Address (URL)

Copy the URL provided in the Zoom notification email and paste it into the Web Address Box

Enter a Website Name

Update the Website Name to help students identify the link.

Once all the information has been added, select Add Web Links Now to save.

Select the Webpage Name to view

Select the webpage name to be redirected to the recordings.