How do I schedule a Zoom meeting within Sakai and claim host rights?

There is a Sakai-Zoom integration that allows you to create a Zoom meeting link in your Sakai site. All members of the Sakai site will be able to access the link for an online synchronous session.

Add the Zoom Tool to your Sakai Course

To generate a meeting link, you can add the Zoom tool to your Sakai course. For instructions please visit, How do I add the Zoom tool to my course?.

Once you add the Zoom tool to a Sakai course, members of the Sakai site can access the room at anytime.

Claim Host for a Zoom Meeting in Sakai

In order to be considered the host of a meeting scheduled in Sakai, you must be the first user to select the tool and launch the Zoom meeting. To launch the Zoom meeting select the Zoom tool from the Tool Menu.

If you have not already installed Zoom on your computer, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you select the Zoom tool. To download the Zoom Desktop Client ahead of time visit the Zoom Download Center at

When you open the room, you should see Host next to your name.

Start a Zoom Meeting

For instructions on how to start a Zoom meeting, please see How do I join a meeting from Sakai?.