How do I replace one of my PowerPoint slides in my video?

Within the Panopto Editor you will be able to replace your PowerPoint slides if the video was recorded through the Panopto Recorder and PowerPoint slides were included as a Secondary Source.

Note: By replacing a PowerPoint slide, this will NOT replace the audio that was recorded during the slide.

Open the Panopto Editor

1. Navigate to your video in Panopto.

2. Select Edit below the title of the video.

Copy the time of when the current slide appears within the video.

3. Select Slides from the menu on the left side of the editor.

4. Find the PowerPoint slide you would like to replce.

5. The number listed to the right of the video indicates when this slide appears within your video. Hover your cursor over this number and select the three-dotted icon to the left of this number and select Edit.

6. Write down or copy the number listed within the Time text field. When adding the new slide you will need to paste or type in this number within the new slide's settings.

7. Select Cancel at the bottom of this window.

Remove the current slide from the timeline.

8. In order to remove this slide from the video, select the three-dotted icon again next to the number to the right of the slide and this time select Delete.

Note: This will not permanently delete the slide, but it will remove it from the timeline. Now you will add the new slide and adjust the settings for this slide to make sure it is placed in the same position as the one you deleted.

Add your edited PowerPoint slide to your session.

9. First make sure to create a copy of your PowerPoint with the edited slide and remove all PowerPoint slides from the copied version, except for the slide you would like to add to your video. This will avoid adding unnecessary slides to your Panopto video session.

10. Within the Panopto Editor, select "Add a presentation" above your list of slides.

After it is uploaded, add your your PowerPoint slide to the timeline.

11. Locate the copied PowerPoint file that only includes the one slide you would like to upload to this session and open this file.

12. Your file will upload, and you will be able to view it at the bottom of your list of slides.

13. Once the slide is done processing, select the plus icon in the upper right corner of the slide.

14. A time will appear next to the slide. Hover your cursor over this time and select the 3-dotted icon to the left of it.

15. Select Edit.

16. Within the Time text field, paste the time that you copied earlier from step 6. If you did not copy this or don't remember the time of when this needs to appear within your video, you will need to playback your video from the timeline and determine the correct time of when this slide should appear.

17. After entering the time, Select Save at the bottom of this window.

18. The edited slide will now replace the previous one. Select Publish to save your changes.