How do I create a Piazza Post?

Select New Post.

Select New Post

Select New Post under the Q&A tab to create a new post for students.

Choose which Post Type you wish to use.

Choose which Post Type you wish to use.
  1. Question posts ask a question of individual students or the whole class. These posts are highlighted in red until marked with an answer.
  2. Use Note posts if an answer is not required.
  3. Poll/In-Class Response posts can be used for polling students in class or outside of class. These can be anonymous or associated with students.

Set the share settings for your post.

Set the share settings for your post.
  1. If you pick individual users, search for those users by name in a text box that will appear.
  2. Select which folder or folders you want your post to appear in.

Set up your post.

Set up your post.
  1. Enter a quick, one-line Summary for your post.
  2. Write the Details of what you expect your students to do in this post thread.
  3. Posting Options: Check the box if you want to send an email to all students immediately that this thread is available.
Preview Post

Select Preview Post to see a student view of your post.

Select Post My Question

When you are ready to post your thread, select the orange Post My Question button at the bottom of the screen.

New Post