How do instructors view feedback in PostEm?

Go to PostEm.

Go to PostEm

Select the PostEm tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Note: The PostEm tool is sometimes named Feedback.

View uploaded feedback item.

To view the uploaded feedback, locate the row of an uploaded feedback item, and select the View link.

View all feedback.

This displays feedback for all students.

  1. In the Username column, those students who have not checked their feedback are shown in bold and red.
  2. The Last Checked column shows when (if ever) the student last checked their feedback.

View feedback for one student.

In the row of the feedback item you want to view, select the view participant link.

Select a student's username.

Select the student's username.

Select a student's username from the drop-down menu next to Select a Participant.

View individual feedback.

View individual feedback.

This displays the individual student's feedback for the PostEm item.