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How do I review a Zoom attendance report?


Log into Loyola's Zoom Site

Navigate to luc.zoom.us

Sign In

Sign In

Select SIGN IN and log in using your Loyola username (UVID) and password.

Select Reports

Select Reports

From the left hand menu bar, select Reports

Select Usage

Select Usage

Select Usage to view a list of participants from past meetings.  

Adjust search date

Adjust serach date

Select the From or To date to adjust the dates in which the meeting occurred. Then select Search to re-run the report .


Click to view Particpants

Select the number displayed in the Participants column to view the list of participants.


Note, participant names will display the same way that they did during the live meeting. If the names need to appear in a certain format (i.e. username or First and Last name), then users will need to be instructed to enter the meeting with that name.

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