How do I create a VoiceThread Assignment through Assignment Builder?

Sakai courses may only contain one VoiceThread assignment created with the VoiceThread Assignment Builder.

Select the VoiceThread Tool.

In the target Sakai course, select the VoiceThread tool. To add the VoiceThread tool to your course, see How do I add the VoiceThread tool to my course?

Select Edit.

In the top right corner, select the Edit icon.

Create Gradebook Item.

Within the Create Gradebook Item box, enter the name of the assignment.

Select Update Options.

Select Update Options.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Update Options.

Clear Browser History.

Clear your browser history and then close the browser. Relaunch your browser, login to Sakai, and return to the VoiceThread tool in your Sakai course.

Select Assignment Builder.

Select Assignment Builder from the VoiceThread Setup page.

Select Type of Assignment.  

Select a type of VoiceThread assignment. After you have selected the type of assignment you'd like to create, you will be walked through the steps to complete the setup process.

View Gradebook Item (Optional).

In the Sakai Gradebook, you can view and edit the newly created VoiceThread gradebook item.