How do I create a syllabus using cut and paste from a document?

Go to Syllabus.

Go to Syllabus.

Select the Syllabus tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select Add Item.

Select Add Item.

An "Add Item" window opens where you type the name of the item.  

Enter the syllabus title and paste text.

Enter a title.

In the "Add Item" window enter the syllabus title and select the Paste from Text button.


Tip: Using the Paste from Text option will remove any Word-specific code from your pasted text.

Paste the text into the Rich Text Editor.

Enter your syllabus title and paste text.

Use Ctrl+V (Windows) or Command+V (Mac) to paste your Word document into the Rich Text Editor.

Make edits to the text in the Rich Text Editor.

Review the text to make sure that it appears as you intend. Make any edits using the formatting icons build into the Rich Text Editor. When you are done, select Add and Publish.  

Note: If you need to make changes to your content after publishing, see How do I edit Syllabus items? for more information on editing.