Why are members of my site seeing a 403 Error Message?

A 403 error message indicates that there is a problem with the permissions for the content within the course. Below are two methods to resolve the issue causing the 403 error message.

Cause #1: The Resources tool is locked

Resolution: Unlock the Resources tool (follow the steps below)

Locking the Resource Tool will remove participant's ability to view all content. Making a Tool invisible hides the tool for course participants but still provides access to the material through other tools (such as the Lesson page tool).

Go to Site Info.

Select the Site Info tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Select Tool Order.

Select Tool Order from the top menu bar.

Enable Access to this Tool.

Select the gear icon to go to the tool settings. Then, select Enable Access to this Tool from the drop-down menu.

Select Save.

Cause #2: Students do not have permission to read resources in the Resources tool

Resolution: Provide students with permission to read resources within the Resources tool

Removing view permission from within the Resource Tool will block students from being able to access the content. Students must have the permission to Read Resources.

Go to the Resource Tool.

Select the Resource Tool from the Tool Menu of your site.  

Select Permission.

Select Permissions from the top menu bar.

Check Read resources box for students.

In the student column, check the box for Read resources. This permission will allow students to read all content included within the Resource Tool.

Select Save.