How do I log into Sakai and what if I forget my password?

Login and Password

Your Sakai ID and password are the same as your Loyola Universal ID and password (the credentials you use to log into LOCUS and your office computer).

Open your browser and type in the “Address:” field and press Enter.

  1. Type your Loyola Universal ID (UVID) in the “user id:” field.
  2. Type your Loyola password in the “password:” field.
  3. Hit Enter or select the Login button to the right of the "password:" field.

Password Self-Service

Don’t worry; it happens to everyone at least once. To reset your password:

Login to Password Self-Service to reset your password. If you have never used Password Self-Service, see the Step-by-Step instruction Guide to help you get started.  For additional assistance, please contact the Service Desk at 8-4ITS (on campus) or 773-508-4ITS (off campus).

Because you use your Loyola Universal ID and password to log into Sakai, resetting your Sakai password also changes your Loyola password. Use this new password to log into Sakai, LOCUS, Outlook, and your office computer.