Loyola Support Documentation

How do I download the caption file from a Panopto session?

Updated May 03, 2019

Navigate to luc.hosted.panopto.com and log in using your Loyola user name and password. Open the folder that contains the session you would like to add captions to.

Access the Settings for the Session.

Settings button for Panotpo video

Hover your cursor over the session and select Settings.

Download the Captions.

Download file button in Panopto settings

Choose Captions from the menu on the left and select Download file at the bottom of the page.

Panopto automatically includes time stamps within the transcript. However, with audio only files, time stamps are not necessary and may distract students, so you may want to remove them from the transcript.

Remove the time stamps from the transcript.

Remove time stamps from transcript

Open the downloaded file using Notepad, Word, or another text editor and delete the text that includes the time stamps.