How do I share a Panopto session with students in my course?

There are several ways to share a Panopto session with your intended viewers. Follow the steps below to ensure that only the students enrolled in your course will have access to your Panopto sessions.

1. Add the Panopto tool to your Sakai site.

When you add the Panopto tool to a Sakai site, a folder for that site is automatically created in Panopto. By default, students in the course can view sessions within this folder and instructors in the course can add content to this folder.

2. Add your Panopto sessions to the Panopto folder for your Sakai site.

There are a few ways that you can add sessions to your Panopto course folder:

  1. Create a new recording. View How to Record a Session using the Panopto Recorder?.
  2. Upload an existing audio or video file. View How do I upload an audio or video file to Panopto?.
  3. Copy or move an existing session from another Panopto folder. View How do I copy or move a Panopto session to another Panopto folder?.

3. Share your Panopto sessions in Sakai

There are a several ways that you can share Panopto sessions within a Sakai course:

  1. Direct your students to the Panopto tool. When students log in to your course in Sakai and select the Panopto tool from the tool menu, they will be able to view all of the sessions with that folder.
  2. Link a Panopto video to a Lessons Page. View How do I link a Panopto video to a Lessons page?.
  3. Embed a Panopto video on a Lessons page. View How do I embed a Panopto video on a Lessons page?.
  4. Link a Panopto video to the Resources tool. View How do I link a Panopto video to the Resources tool?.
  5. Send a link to the session through one of the communication tools: Announcements, Email, or Messages.

For students to access a Panopto session through a tool other than the  Panopto tool (Lessons, Resources, etc.), they must authenticate their Panopto account with your course. View How do I authenticate my Panopto account with a Sakai site?.