How do I use the inactivity alert?

The inactivity alert automatically triggers an email to a user that has yet to access a specific lesson page by desired date and time.

Go to the Lesson.

Select the Lessons page title in the Tool Menu to display the page.

Select More Tools, then Inactivity Alert.

From the More Tools drop-down menu, select Inactivity Alert.

Adjust the settings.

Adjust the settings:

1. Select the roles of those individuals that should receive notification based on inactivity.

2. Decide how often an email should be sent to inactive users.

3. Enter the date and time of when the first email notification should be sent.

4. Enter the email message that will be sent to the inactive students.

5. Enter the email message that will be sent to those individuals not enrolled as a student.

Select Save.

Then select Save to activate the alert.

The alert will stay active until the user selects that Lesson page after they have been granted access.