How do I create my Examity student profile?

Students need to create profiles in Examity before they can schedule their exams.

Access the Examity Tool.

Go to Examity from your Sakai site.

Select the Examity tool from your Sakai course site to launch Examity.

Select Press to Continue to External Tool.

Select Press to Continue to External Tool.

If prompted, select Press to continue to external tool.

Select My Profile.

In the Examity Dashboard, select My Profile to begin populating your profile information.

Read the Steps to Complete Your Profile.

Read the Welcome to Examity numbered list to begin. Then, gather appropriate materials to complete your profile.

Select Computer Requirements Check.

Select Computer Requirements Check to review your technology and system requirements and ensure you have the correct set-up for the exam.

Verify Your Account Information.

1. Review your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number are present and correct. If information is missing, type it in the appropriate input fields.

2. Select your Time Zone from the drop-down menu.

3. Select Save.

Upload a Photo ID.

1. Follow the directions to upload a copy of your photo ID: Take a picture of your photo ID using a smartphone, camera, or webcam, save the image of the picture to your PC, and upload the image from your PC to Examity.

2. To upload the file, select Choose File.

3. Select Upload to save the photo to your Examity profile.

Answer Security Questions.

Select Edit.

Select edit.

Select Edit to add three security questions.

Select and Populate Security Questions.

Select and populate security questions.

1. Using the drop-down menus, select three unique security questions.

2. Type your answers in the input fields.

3. Select Save.

Enter Your Keystroke Biometric Signature.

Select Edit.

Select Edit.

Select Edit.

Type Your First and Last Names.

Type your first and last names

Enter your First Name, Last Name, and First and Last Names in the respective input fields. Then, select Save.

You may be asked to type this information as a biometric signature at the beginning of an Examity test to confirm your identity.