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ITRS provides individual and small group consultations on teaching with  technology regularly in Klarchek Information Commons 204, Corboy Law  Center 732, and online at https://luc.zoom.us/my/dropin.

ITRS Drop-in Support hours

Physical and virtual walk-ins are always welcome. For complex issues  that may require additional time, we highly recommend scheduling an  appointment at least 24 hours in advance. This provides ITRS staff time  to research and prepare answers for your technical questions. To request  an appointment, please send an email to itrs@luc.edu. Please, include your name, discipline, date/time preference, and list of questions.

You can navigate to any Help article by clicking on the title of a collection name in the contents pane on the left to expand the collection, and then clicking on the article title.

Searching Help

You can search Help content by entering a search term or phrase in the search pane on the left, and clicking on the Search button. Search results are ranked by relevance.

Tool Help

Tool Help

While using a tool, you can go directly to the Help for that tool by clicking on the Help link in the tool content frame.

Additional Help Resources

If the information you're looking for is not available here, contact the Sakai team at helpdesk@luc.edu.