How do I create my Examity assessment in Sakai?

In order to create your assessment in Sakai, you will need to create an exam within the Tests and Quizzes tool. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, visit the How do I create an assessment in Tests and Quizzes? documentation.

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Go to Tests & Quizzes

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool in your Sakai course.

Locate the exam you'll use with Examity under Working Copies.

Locate the exam you'll use with Examity under Working Copies.

Note that instructors can edit their exam settings from Working Copies or Published Copies. However, it is recommended instructors set-up their exams from Working Copies first.

Locate the exam Settings.

Locate the exam Settings.

Locate the title of your exam, and choose Settings from the Select Action drop-down menu.

Edit the exam settings.

Select Availability and Submissions from the Settings menu. Then, edit the following items:

1. Choose the number of submissions allowed for the exam. For most high-stakes exams using Examity, there will be only one submission.

2. Choose the available date and time students will be able to take the exam and a date and time when the exam is due.

3. Choose the time limit associated with the exam.

4. For Late submissions accepted?, select No, not after due date. Examity does not recognize exams taken after the due date. For students who need to schedule exams beyond the available period selected in step 2, students or their instructors should reach out to to schedule their exams with Loyola's Examity representative.

Select any other applicable fields specific to your exam.  

Enter an exam password.

Enter an exam password.

5. Select the Ensure students take exams from specific location drop down menu. Then, enter a unique Secondary Password in the Password field.

Please note, this password field will secure the exam to make sure no student takes the exam outside of the exam time frame.

For set-up information about students with special testing accommodations, please visit the the How do I set special accommodations for students in Examity? documentation.

Select Save.

Select Save.

Select Save to save your changes to the exam settings.

Select Save Settings and Publish to save changes and publish the exam. (Note: this will move the exam from Working Copies to Published Copies.)

After you've completed these steps in Sakai, make sure you also set up your exam as an instructor in Examity's system. For step-by-step instructions, visit the How do I set-up or modify the exam in Examity as an instructor? documentation.