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How do I create an evaluation in the Evaluation System tool?

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Note: In order to create a new Evaluation, user first need to create a new template.

Select Add Evaluation.

Add evaluation

Select Add Evaluation from the top right corner of the page in the Evaluation System tool.

Add a new evaluation

Add new Evaluation
  1. Enter a Title for the evaluation.
  2. Add Instructions for the evaluation in the text field.
  3. Choose a template for the evaluation from the list under Template Title.
  4. Select Continue to Settings.

Configure evaluation settings.

Use this screen to configure evaluation settings such as open dates and email reminders for participants.

Set evaluation dates.

set dates

Use this section to edit the title or instructions and use the date-picker to select the Evaluation Dates.

Set evaluation results.

Evaluation Results

Note: Changing this setting will have no demonstrable effect, as it is a system-wide property. Evaluation results are only viewable by the instructor/creator.

Set authentication requirements.

Administrative settings

Use the dropdown menu to choose whether users must authenticate or may take the evaluation anonymously.

Configure email notifications.

  1. Use the dropdown menu to choose settings for email reminders to participants.
  2. When finished, select Continue to Assign to Courses.

Assign to courses or groups.

assign to courses
  1. Assign to Evaluation Groups: Use this option to assign to one or more of your courses.
  2. Assign to an adhoc Group: Use this option to create a group of users to complete the evaluation. To use this option, select Create a new Adhoc Group now.
Assign to Evaluation Groups
assign to evaluation groups
  1. Select course(s) to assign evaluation.
  2. Then, select Save Assigned Groups.
Create New Adhoc Group
new adhoc group

After selecting Create a new Adhoc Group now:

  1. Enter a group name.
  2. Add user email addresses to the text field (one per line).
  3. Select Create Adhoc Group.
  4. Lastly, select Back to Evaluation Group Assignments.

Save Assigned Groups

save assigned groups

When finished, select Save Assigned Groups to continue.

Confirm Evaluation

Evaluation assignment

To change any group settings, select Change Assigned Groups. Otherwise, select Done.

new evaluation

You will receive a message on your screen confirming the new evaluation.

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