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How do I modify a post in Conversations?

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After posting a question or an answer, users may modify it by editing, hiding, deleting, or locking it. Select the three dots in the upper-right corner of the post to display the options to edit, hide, delete, or lock a post.

Note: Instructors will be able to perform these actions on all posts; students will only be able to modify their own posts. 

Select the menu.

Select 3-dot menu

Select the menu (represented by three vertical dots) for a post or answer to reveal the modification options.

Editing a post.

Choose Edit.

Choose Edit

Choose Edit from the dropdown menu to make changes to the post content.

Select Publish.

Select Publish

Select Publish to post the revised item in Conversations.

Hiding a post.

Choose Hide.

Choose Hide

Choose Hide to remove the post from student view. A hidden post will have a red eye icon with a slash through it at the top of the post.

Choose Show.
Choose Show

Show a hidden post by selecting the post menu in the upper-right corner and choosing Show.

Deleting a post.

Choose Delete.

Choose delete

Choose Delete to remove the post entirely (answers to questions will be deleted as well).

Select OK.
Select OK

Confirm the deletion of the post or answer by selecting OK from the pop-up window.

Warning: This action cannot be undone!

Locking a post.

Choose Lock.

Choose Lock

Choose Lock to halt changes to an individual post, while still keeping it available for student viewing. A locked post will be noted by a red lock icon at the top of the post.

Choose Unlock.
Choose Unlock

Unlock a locked post by selecting the post menu in the upper-right corner and choosing Unlock.

Note: Any actions taken on Questions will also affect the Answers and Comments posted on them. If a question is locked, any Answers or Comments associated with it are also locked.

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