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How do I answer a question in Conversations?

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Select a question.

Select a question

Select a question to answer.

Select Answer this question.

Select Answer this question

If the question has not yet been answered, select Answer this question

Note: To add an answer to a question that already has responses, scroll to the bottom of the responses and select Add an answer

Answer the question and select Publish.

Type an answer and select Publish
  1. Type the answer to the question in the text field.
  2. To reply privately to the poster (and the instructor, if they weren’t the original author), check the checkbox next to Private below the text entry box. If the author of the question enabled anonymous responses, there will also be an option to publish the answer anonymously.
  3. Select Publish to post the answer immediately. Select Save as Draft to revise the answer further before posting. The draft will be displayed under the question, with a bolded draft notation at the top of the post. 
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