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How do I post a question in Conversations?

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Select Conversations.

Select Conversations

In the target Sakai site, select Conversations from the Tool Menu.

Select Create new topic.

Select Create new topic

To post a new question or discussion, select Create new topic.

Select a topic type.

Select Discussion

The default topic type is Question. To post a discussion instead, select Discussion.

Tip: Responses to questions may be designated by the instructor as "correct." The Discussion topic type does not allow instructors to mark an answer as "correct."

Enter a title and details.

Enter a tile and details
  1. Type a summary of the topic content in the "Title" field.
  2. Type the full question or discussion prompt in the "Details" field. (Optional)

Tag the topic. (Optional)

tag the topic
  1. To tag the topic, select the dropdown menu and choose a tag.
  2. Select Add.
  3. To add new tags, select "Edit tags for this course."

Repeat this process to add as many tags as desired.

Note: For more information regarding the management of Conversations tags, see How do I create tags for my course in Conversations?

Configure topic settings.

Configure topic settings

Configure additional settings for the topic.

  1. Post to: Select which site members may view the post. Selecting "only members or selected groups" reveals a list of groups in the site.
  2. Availability: Specify whether the topic should display immediately. Selecting "Specify dates" reveals the options to "Show," "Lock," and/or "Hide" the topic on specific dates.
  3. Due Date: Check the checkbox to assign a due date for the topic. Checking the checkbox reveals a calendar-picker and the option to accept late responses.
  4. Post options: Check the checkboxes to enable any additional settings, including pinning the topic to the top of the list, hiding the author's name on the topic, allowing students to reply to the topic anonymously, and/or requiring students to reply to the topic before viewing other replies.

Select Publish.

Select Publish

Select Publish to post the topic to Conversations. Alternatively, select Save as Draft to save the topic as an unpublished draft.

Topic appears.

topic appears in Conversations

When published, the new topic appears in the Conversations tool.

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