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How can I edit or remove a blog entry?

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Select Blogs.

Blogs button

In the target Sakai site, select the Blogs tool from the Tool Menu.

Editing a blog entry & changing availability

Select My blog.

Select my blog

To edit a blog entry you made, or to change who can see it, select My blog.

Select Edit entry.

Edit entry

Find the blog entry you wish to edit and select the Edit entry link beneath it.

Edit entry and select Publish entry.

Edit a blog entry

You will see your entry displayed in an editable format. Make your changes in the text box and select Publish entry.

Note: Depending on settings, teaching / admin staff may be able to edit entries in other people’s blogs.

Removing a blog entry 

Select My blog.

Select my blog

To remove a blog entry you made, select My blog.

Select Remove entry.

Remove entry

Find the entry you wish to remove and select the Remove entry link beneath it.

Note: Depending on settings, teaching / admin staff may be able to remove entries in other people’s blogs.

Select OK.

Select Okay in the pop-up dialog bo

To permanently remove the blog entry, select OK.

Editing and removing comments

Select Remove this comment.

Remove this comment

To remove a comment on your blog, find the comment you wish to remove and select the Remove this comment link.

Editing your profile and picture

Blog picture

Your blog profile and picture appear in the right-hand column beside your blog. This is a description of yourself, your particular interests in your course, or your research interests. You can also include a photo of yourself.

Select My blog settings.

My blog settings

To modify your Blogs profile, select the My blog settings link in the actions menu.

Edit details and select Change settings.

Make changes to your blog settings
  1. Paste the web address of your picture into the field labeled URL for my picture. If you want to use a picture from the internet, just paste the URL of the photo here. If you would like to display a photo of yourself, you will need to have already uploaded it into Sakai. You might want to put your photo into the Resources area of Home. Get the web address (URL) of the photo. (You can do this by selecting Edit Details link for the photo once you have uploaded it; the web address will be displayed at the bottom of the page.)
  2. Enter your profile description in the text box. You can format the text using the icons above the text box.
  3. Select Change settings to save your profile and picture.

Note: Your blog profile is not the same as your standard Sakai profile. If you have blogs in more than one Sakai site, you will need to set your profile individually in each site.

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