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How do I read and comment on blogs?

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Access the Blogs tool in Sakai.

Blogs button

In the target Sakai course, select the Blogs tool from the Tool Menu.

Reading blog entries

All the blogs
  1. Your own blog is linked to the top of the page.
  2. See all student blogs by selecting View All Blogs.
  3. All the other members of the site are listed below.
  4. If you would like to see who blogged most recently, select the Last Updated heading. The blogs will be displayed with the most recent entries first.

Select a user's name.

Select user's name

Select a user's name to view their blog entries. The most recent entry will be listed first.

Select comments.

Blog entry comments

If there are any comments on a entry, you will be able to read them by selecting the Comments link below the entry. This will display all the comments on this blog entry.

Adding a comment to a blog entry

Select Leave a comment.

Leave a comment

To add a comment to a blog entry, select Leave a comment.

Type comment and select Publish comment.

Comment box
  1. Write your comment in the text box that appears.
  2. Then, select Publish comment. If you change your mind about leaving a comment, select Cancel.

RSS feeds of blogs

Orange icon

To get an RSS feed of a user's blog, select the orange RSS icon to the right of their name on the All the blogs page. Comments on blogs will now display in the RSS feed.

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