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What is Tests & Quizzes?

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Tests & Quizzes is used to create online assessments (i.e., tests, exams, quizzes, and surveys) to administer in a web interface to students, groups, or other site members. Though primarily designed to administer assessments such as exams or quizzes, site owners may also use assessments as surveys to gather responses or informal feedback. Assessments can be created question by question, through markup text, or through importing a properly-formatted XML file.

Tests & Quizzes offers many settings that allow instructors to control the layout, delivery, grading, student review options, and metadata of the assessment. These settings can be adjusted when authoring or editing an assessment.

Assessments in Tests & Quizzes fall into the two categories: Draft Copies and Published Copies, which represent the instructor and student phases, respectively. Authoring by the instructor takes place in Draft Copies; a new assessment appears as Draft. The act of publishing makes the assessment available to students and identifies the assessment in the Published Copies category, where submissions and results become available.

To access this tool, select Tests & Quizzes from the site Tool Menu.

Select Tests & Quizzes

Tests & Quizzes tool landing page. (Student View)

Student view of Tests & Quizzes tool

Note: Assessments that are past the due date but still available for late submissions will appear in the list with the Due Date/Time shown in red. Assessments that are not currently available do not show up in the Take an Assessment list at all.

Tests & Quizzes tool landing page. (Instructor View)

Instructor view of Tests & Quizzes tool

On entry, the Tests & Quizzes tool shows a list of existing assessments including Draft copies (under development), and Published copies (deployed to students).

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