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How do I add my syllabus as a file attachment?

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Select Syllabus.

select Syllabus

In the target Sakai site, select Syllabus from the Tool Menu.

Select Add.

Select Add from the Actions Menu.

Enter a title and select Add.

  1. Enter a title for the Syllabus item in the "Title" field.
  2. Then, select Add.

Select Add attachments.

Beneath the Rich Text Editor, select the Add attachments button.

Browse for a file on the computer.

select choose file, then select continue

Select Choose File to browse for and select the syllabus file from the computer.

select the select from resources tab, select attach a file, the select continue
  1. Select the "Select from resources" tab.
  2. Select "Attach a copy" for the relevant file.
  3. Select Continue.

Select Continue.

The file attachment will display.

The selected file and its metadata will display.

Select Publish.

Select Publish to make the syllabus item available to students. Alternatively, select Save Draft to keep the item in draft mode.

For more information on syllabus items, see How do I edit syllabus items?

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