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How do students submit a video assignment?

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The Assignments tool allows students to submit brief video assignments, recorded directly in Sakai. Students may record a video of a maximum length of 2:30 (2 minutes and 30 seconds). The video assignment feature does not allow for the use of external cameras or microphones (i.e., students must use the webcams and microphones built into their computers), nor does it have any video editing capabilities. This feature is best used for low-stakes, brief assignments, such as a personal student-to-instructor introduction video or a reading response video. For longer or more substantial video assignments, Panopto is recommended.

Select Assignments.

select Assignments

In the target Sakai site, select Assignments from the Tool Menu.

Select an assignment.

select the title of a video assignment

Select the title of an open assignment that requires video submissions.

Select Start Recording.

select Start Recording

Select the Start Recording button to begin the recording.

Select Stop Recording

Record the video and then select Stop Recording

After recording a video submission, select the Stop Recording button.

Select Proceed.

select Proceed

To continue submitting the recorded video, select Proceed. To delete the recording and start over, select Cancel.

Select Submit.

select Submit

Complete the assignment submission workflow by selecting Submit.

Tip: To preview the recorded video before finalizing submission, select the play icon in the upper-right corner of the video thumbnail.

Submission confirmation displays.

submission confirmation message displays

A green success message will display, confirming submission of the assignment. Students who opt to receive email notifications for assignment submissions will receive a confirmation email. To return to the Assignments tool landing page, select Back to list.

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