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How do students add content to Student Pages in Lessons?

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Go to Lessons.

Lessons Button

Select the Lessons tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Note: Be aware that your instructor may have named Lessons something else in your course, or there may be more than one Lessons item in the menu. Check with your instructor if you are not sure where to go to access the course lessons and/or content pages.

Select Add Your Own Page.

Add your own page

Once you have located the Student Pages section in the course content, select the Add Your Own Page link.

View blank page.

Blank student page

When you view a blank page, some getting started information will display by default.

Select Add Content.

Add content items

Select the Add Content drop-down menu and then choose from the following types of items you may place on the page:

  • Add Text
  • Embed Content on Page
  • Add Content Link
  • Add Subpage
  • Add Resources Folder

Add Text.

Add text

Use the Rich Text Editor to add text content, images, and/or links, and then select Save.

Embed content on page.

Embed content on page

Select a file or enter a URL to embed the item on the page, and then select Save.

Add a url

Select a file or enter a URL to add the item on the page as a link, and then select Save.

Add Subpage.

Add subpage

A Subpage is a new page (or "child" page) that links from the current page (or "parent" page) above it in the page hierarchy. Subpages have the same options for adding content as the original parent page.

Give your subpage a title, then select Create.

Note: You can choose to modify the navigation (if you have more than one subpage) by selecting the check box beside Next page. This means that the subpage will replace the current one when users hit Next, rather than returning to the parent page. Also, if you would like your subpage to show as a button, select the check box next to Show as button rather than link.

Add Resources Folder.

Add resources folder

Add Resources folder displays all the resources in that folder on the page. Select the folder and choose Save.

View your page.

View your page

Once you have added content items to your page, click on your page name to view the page.

Reordering page items.

Reorder page items

If you need to rearrange items on the page, select the Reorder link in the top left corner of the page.

Drag and drop items to reorder or delete.

Drag and drop items

You can drag and drop items to change the order in which they appear on the page. You may also drop items on the the right side of the screen where it says "Drop items here to delete" or you can use the red X next to individual items to delete them. Select Save to save your changes.

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