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How do I use Turnitin Feedback Studio to give feedback on an assignment?

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Go to the Assignments tool.

Select Assignments from the site Tool Menu.

Select submissions in assignment folder.

For the selected Turnitin enabled assignment, go to submissions by selecting the numeral link in the In/New column.  

Select submission to grade in Turnitin Feedback Studio.

From the list of submissions, select the flag in the Turnitin column for the assignment to grade in the Feedback Studio. Selecting the flag will open a new browser window with the submission in the Turnitin Feedback Studio.

Provide feedback in Turnitin Feedback Studio.

Insert a text comment.

Insert inline text comments by hovering over the area to comment, clicking once, then selecting the marker to type a comment.

Delete a text comment.

To delete a comment, select the trashcan icon.

Insert QuickMarks.

QuickMarks offer a preset collection of annotations that a grader can use to provide inline feedback on a document. Select the checkbox icon in the right menu pane to reveal and search for annotations.

Score submission in Feedback Studio.

Once you have completed providing inline feedback on the submission, type in a numerical score using the text field in the heading. This score will also appear in the Sakai Assignments tool.

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