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How do I add a tag to or remove a tag from a Conversations post?

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In Conversations, tags are used to organize topics related to one another. Only instructors in the course can create tags; however, any user creating a new topic will be able to select the proper tags to help other users find it. 

Add a tag to a post.

To use tags, first create a topic by selecting Create new topic. (Tags cannot be used for individual responses.)

Create a topic and add tags.

  1. Topic Type. Select either the Question or Discussion tile to designate the topic type.
  2. Title. (Required). Enter a title for the topic.
  3. Details. Add details to provide context or supporting information for the topic.
  4. Tag topic. Use the dropdown and select the Add button to add tags to the topic. The tags that have been created for this course will be pre-populated into a dropdown menu.
  5. Post to. Set the audience for the topic by selecting the appropriate radio button.
  6. Availability. Set the availability dates for the topic by selecting the appropriate radio button.  
  7. Due Date. Set a due date for posts to be published to the topic.
  8. Post options. Select the checkboxes to set post display options, author anonymity, and whether students must post before reading other responses.  
  9. Publish or Save as Draft. Select Publish or Save as Draft to save the post options.

Remove a tag from a post.  

To remove a tag from your post before publication, select the x next to the added tag.

After a post has been published, three dots will appear in the upper right-hand corner. Select this to go to the post options menu. From this menu, select Edit. You will be taken to the initial post editor, scroll down to find the tags, then select the x next to the tag you wish to remove.

Publish to save changes.

Select Publish to save changes.

Edit conversation via post options menu.

After a post has been published,  select the vertical ellipses menu to reveal a dropdown of post options.  From this menu, select Edit. The post editor will appear.

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