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How do I manage tags for my course in Conversations?

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Go to Conversations.

Select Conversations from the site Tool Menu.

Open Conversations Settings.

Select the gear icon to reveal the Settings options for Conversations.  

Manage tags in Settings menu.

In the Settings menu, select Manage Tags.

Manage tags.

  • Add new tags by typing in the Tags text box and then selecting the Add New Tags button.
  • Existing tags will appear in a list beneath the text box where you add new tags.
  • Alongside each tag are button options to Edit or Delete the tag. 

Note: You will also be able to navigate to the Manage Tags menu through the option of Edit Tags for This Course when you create a new topic. This option can be found under the Tag Topic header. If you navigate to this page without saving your post as a draft, you will lose your work.

Edit a tag.

To edit a tag, select the Edit button next to the tag you wish to change. This will reveal a Tag Name text box.  

  1. Type in the revised tag name.
  2. Select the Save button to apply changes.

If you change your mind about editing the tag, you may select Cancel to close the tag editor. 

Delete a tag.

To delete a tag, select the Delete button next to the tag you wish to remove.

Confirm deletion.

A dialogue window will appear asking you to confirm deleting the tag from the course. Select OK to confirm the deletion.

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